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In fact, they would be exposed to threats and danger, ending up living under the pressure of fear.

Peacekeeping an activity of sending military troops and forces with the United Nations to ceasefire and maintain peace in the world. The Canadian Encyclopedia Canada is an active participant in United Nations peacekeeping missions, and known for supporting peace throughout the world Strong Essays words 2. Recently since the year the role that Canada plays in the united nations peacekeeping efforts has significantly dropped, a large part of this was as a result of UN military missions through NATO as opposed to strictly just the UN The issue in Rwanda was rooted by the ethnic conflict between Tutsis and Hutus.

These two ethnicities had problems with each other since the country gained independence. Strong Essays words 3. Nuclear war was becoming an increasing possibility but the creation of the UNEF lead to the withdrawal of Israeli, British and French forces which resolved the Suez Crisis. After the Israeli, British and French invasions, Soviet leader Nikita Krushchev threatened to bomb Israel, Britain and France with nuclear weapons if they did not withdraw their forces Throughout the centuries, empires, dictatorships and even governments have imposed corruption and injustice towards their people.

Wars are fought, and many lives are lost. Throughout the worlds trials and tribulations, a group of countries decided to end the violence and oppression.

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This lesson was learnt after World War II when the Nazi regime were committing acts of genocide towards their Jewish population. And it left Canadians with a sense of pride and ownership over the UN peacekeeping idea — which was used increasingly in conflict situations around the world. After Suez , many Canadians regarded peacekeeping as a national duty. This became clear in July , when a newly independent Republic of the Congo erupted in violence. When the UN asked for signalers and other troops, the government of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker was reluctant to participate.

Canada therefore sent soldiers to Congo. Peacekeeping's popularity among Canadians had been established. The following year, Canadian soldiers went to Yemen to serve with a UN observer mission. A much larger commitment followed in , when the UN intervened to separate Greeks and Turks in Cyprus. Paul Martin Sr. Cyprus remained one of Canada's major foreign commitments for several decades.

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By the late s, however, support for peacekeeping was already in decline. Some critics were beginning to complain that peacekeeping merely kept situations static and did nothing to resolve them. Others worried about costs and casualties and unclear mandates. In what circumstances, for example, could peacekeepers use deadly force: To defend themselves? To defend civilians? The Egyptian government singled out the Canadians, requesting their immediate withdrawal. Another Arab-Israeli war followed. To many, the expulsion of Canadian peacekeepers was a national humiliation.

Around the same time, there were charges that Canadians in the International Control Commissions e. This contributed to declining support for peacekeeping in Canada. By this time, however, peacekeeping had become a chore rather than an opportunity for many Canadian service personnel. It was also unclear how much support there was for UN peacekeeping among Canadians.


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Still, Canadians shared in the pride of the Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded to the UN for its decades of peacekeeping work. Canada had played a large role in that work, contributing 80, personnel — roughly 10 per cent of the total UN forces sent on peacekeeping missions — between and The end of the Cold War and of Soviet influence in international affairs left power vacuums throughout the world.

Many former Soviet-bloc states in Asia and Europe, notably Yugoslavia, disintegrated into ethnic conflict. The UN sent an international peacekeeping force to the Balkan region, where several of the former Yugoslav republics were in the midst of civil war. Canadians made up a large part of the mission forces. The Balkans were a difficult and dangerous place for peacekeepers, because there was no real peace to keep between the still-warring ethnic groups.

This was the heaviest combat experienced by Canadian forces since the Korean War.

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See Canadian Peacekeepers in the Balkans. Although the missions in the Balkans were difficult, it was the mission to Somalia that really harmed the image of Canadian peacekeeping. Somalia had descended into famine and lawlessness, and from to Canadian forces participated in both a UN mission and a US-led international military coalition effort to restore order and allow the distribution of humanitarian supplies across the country see Canadian Peacekeepers in Somalia.

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Along with other coalition forces, Canadian troops came under fire from Somali warlord armies while trying to guard port facilities, fly helicopter reconnaissance flights and escort food convoys. Numerous coalition troops, including one Canadian, lost their lives. In , two Canadian paratroopers serving in Somalia beat and tortured a local teenager to death. A dozen more Canadian soldiers had been aware of the beating but did nothing to stop it.

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The resulting scandal prompted a high-profile public inquiry in Canada. See Somalia Affair. In , genocide and ethnic cleansing broke out in Rwanda. The previous year, Canada had sent more than troops to Rwanda as part of a UN mission to bring stability and order to the small African nation. However, there was little peacekeepers could do to keep the peace or prevent the genocide, as they were not allowed to use force. Dallaire requested more troops and permission to take preventive action but was denied by the UN.

The experience in Rwanda demonstrated the limited power of peacekeeping forces in such situations and the inefficiency of the UN in terms of crisis decision making. The capture, torture and murder of 10 Belgian peacekeepers in Rwanda further eroded public support for peacekeeping. It might be controversial or debatable. Building an argument will teach you rhetorical skills.

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