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Donnellan, Craig ed. Animal Rights: A Question of Conscience. Cambridge: Independence Educational Publishers. Donnelley, S. Nolan eds. Animals, science and ethics.

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The Hastings Center Report. Antennae 30 Winter , Drummond, William Hamilton. Rod Preece, Chien-hui Li eds. Dunayer, Joan.

โหวตการ์ตูนที่ คุณชื่นชอบ และอยากอ่าน - เว็บบอร์ด

Animal Equality: Language and Liberation. Derwood, MD: Ryce Pub. Earnshaw, Gwendellyn. Equity as a paradigm for sustainability: Evolving the process toward interspecies equity.

Spotted vs. Barred: Investigating Hybrid Owls in the West - California Academy of Sciences

Animal Law 5: Edmundson, William A. Do Animals Need Rights? The Journal of Political Philosophy 23 3 Einwohner, Rachel L. Motivational framing and efficacy maintenance: Animal rights activists; use of four fortifying strategies. Sociological Quarterly 43 4 : Practices, opportunity, and protest effectiveness: Illustrations from four animal rights campaigns. Social Problems 46 2 : Race, place, and the human-animal divide. Engel Jr. The Moral Rights of Animals. Favre, David.

Time for a sharper legal focus: An introduction to the premiere issue of Animal Law. Animal Law 1 1 : Favre, David S. Animals: Welfare, interests, and rights. Feinberg, J. Rights, Justice, and the Bounds of Liberty. Fellenz, Marc R. University of Illinois Press. Fenner, David.

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Animal rights and the problem of proximity. International Journal of Applied Philosophy 12 1 , Finsen, Susan. Obstacles to legal rights for animals: Can we get there from here?

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Animal Law 3: i-vi. Forthram, Debra L. Kane, David Hancocks and Paul F.

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Waldau eds. Francione, Gary L. Animal rights theory and utilitarianism: Relative normative guidance. Animal Law 3: Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Franklin, A. Tranter and R. Explaining support for animal rights: A comparison of two recent approaches to humans, nonhuman animals, and postmodernity. Society and Animals 9 2 : Franklin, Julian H. Animal rights and moral philosophy. Frasch, Pamela D.

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